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Science News

For kids, daily juice probably won’t pack on the pounds
An analysis of existing studies suggests that regular juice drinking isn’t linked to much weight gain in kids.
Mosquito flight is unlike that of any other insect
High-speed video and modeling reveal a more complex understanding of mosquito flight.
Neandertals had an eye for patterns
Neandertals carved notches in a raven bone, possibly to produce a pleasing or symbolic pattern, scientists say.
Thinning ice creates undersea Arctic greenhouses
Arctic sea ice thinned by climate change increasingly produces conditions favorable for phytoplankton blooms in the waters below, new research suggests.
Asteroid in Jupiter's orbit goes its own way
Asteroid shares Jupiter’s orbit around the sun but travels in the opposite direction as the planet.
Gene editing of human embryos yields early results
Gene editing in embryos has started in labs, but isn’t ready for the clinic.

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UPI Latest News

Texas oil production down year-over-year
Though recovery is expected to evolve through 2017, data on oil production from Texas show volumes declined year-over-year, based on preliminary figures.
American Airlines co-pilot dies after medical issue during landing
American Airlines said first officer William "Mike" Grubbs died after a medical issue during landing at New Mexico's Albuquerque International Sunport.
'Time After Time' canceled after five episodes
The freshman, sci-fi drama "Time After Time" has been canceled after five episodes, due to low ratings.
Report: Global renewable power capacity expanding
As European and Asian leaders take up the low-carbon mantel from the United States, a global report found 2016 was a record-setter for renewable energy.
Gallup: Trump's approval rating hits 35% as men's support decreases
A new Gallup poll shows President Donald Trump's approval rating is 35 percent, the lowest of any recorded president in his first year.
'Battlefront II' game trailer to be shown, Mark Hamill to speak at 'Star Wars Celebration'
The first trailer for the upcoming video game "Star Wars Battlefront II" is scheduled to be unveiled on April 15.

Germany News

Near record temperatures on Friday mean 'it's time to grill'
One meteorologist says that with highs between 20C and 25C on Friday across the country, it may already be time to fire up the grill.
Munich taxi driver jailed for driving over pedestrian - twice
A taxi driver in the Bavarian capital was sentenced to five years in jail on Wednesday for attempted manslaughter, after he "used his vehicle as a weapon" against a pedestrian.
Two German firms interested in building Trump’s border wall
The Mexico border wall was one of the most controversial elements of Donald Trump's presidential campaign, but that hasn't stopped two German companies from registering an interest in building it.
The British expat couple bringing an historic train station back to life
An English couple has taken on the ambitious task of bringing back to life a century-old east German train station that has been left largely abandoned for more than 20 years.
Domino’s Pizza to start robot delivery in Germany
The American pizza chain is about to launch its first deliveries via robot for its customers in Germany - no tipping required.
German reporter held in Turkey appeals for release
Lawyers for a German-Turkish journalist detained by Ankara on terrorism-related charges have lodged an appeal for his release with Turkey's highest court, his employer said on Wednesday.